Fight or Flight

In 2013, a study conducted by the Australia Psychology Society, involving over 21,0000 people aged 18 years and over, 73% reported that stress was having an impact on their lives, with almost 1 in 5 reporting that stress was having a strong to very strong impact on their physical health.


The two main stress hormones the body makes are adrenalin and cortisol.  They behave very differently from one another and they send different messages to the brain.  However both have the power to influence if you bounce out of bed in the morning or it you want to hit that snooze button (again and again).  These systems can effect whether we feel calm, anxious, happy, sad and these emotional states can impact on our level of self-care and self-esteem.

As I tell my client - nothing in the body stands alone.

Lets have a look at the first level of stress effects on the body.

Stage 1
*The flight or fight response
*Elevated and consistent adrenal output
*High cortisol attempting to dampen the inflammation caused by adrenalin

Remember it is what you do every day that impacts on your health and energy, not what you do sometimes. At Arrows, I understand about the body systems and the overall impact on your health. Book your remedial massage appointment and find out how I can help you to help your body feel better.


Due to very high levels of demand and most appointments being booked 7 weeks in advance, I am no longer taking on any new clients.   The only exception to this will be that I will honour any gift certificates and we also offer our Wednesday Wellness Special with our guest therapist Justine Rosen. 

Thank you to all my wonderfully supportive clients for your patience and understanding.    My Tuesday evenings are now fully booked 9 weeks in advance. 

How Much Water Should I Be Drinking?

A question I often get asked in the studio, is how much water should I be drinking.  What I can tell you is that water intake requirements vary between every client and their circumstances. 

Below is some interesting articles on hydration levels and also how to doge dehydration with some easy to follow steps.

Remember to drink water following a massage. One reason is that water will help the kidneys and other organs process the various substances which move through the body on a regular basis and after a massage treatment, a lot of toxins have been released, so you need to flush them out.

Information courtesy of Niel Asher Trigger Point Therapy -

Valentine's Day Special

We are opening a limited number of Valentine's Day Massage appointments. Treat your loved one to an amazing massage and chocolate treat on Wednesday 14th February 2018.

These are a very limited offer and available by contacting Justine directly at or by calling 0400195194.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Limited to 4 appointments only.
  • Available on a first contact, first offering of available appointments.
  • Appointments available to take place between 10am and 2pm on Wednesday 14th February 2018.
  • Appointments to be pre-paid no later than 13/2/2018. 
  • Not offered with any other offer, special or discounts.

What you are doing today is creating your future


The words you speak, the thoughts you think, the food you eat and the actions you take are shaping you for who you are tomorrow. 

Life moves so quickly. Your days become weeks, then months and before you know it another year has passed.  I feel the passing of time so much more, since becoming a mother. 

Most of us get pulled in many directions daily, it is often hard to find time to do all the things we wish to achieve. I have found the key is to make sure you check in with your values and your priorities. Decide what matters most to you.  Then create little daily rituals that are help you create steps towards those goals. 

An example I like to use with my clients is to build stretching into your daily life.  Often clients tell me that they don't stretch and they don't have time for it. It really is important to stretch and to do it regularly and consistently.   For a client suffering from tight quads, I suggest doing the "Toothbrush Stretch".  Do the simple quad stretch daily why brushing your teeth.  30-seconds to 1 minute on each leg, morning and night when you brush your teeth.  Simple, effective and easy to make part of your day.


Top athletes know that practice is how you get to greatness. So if you want to live pain free and healthier, you need to create daily rituals that support the health and well being of your body.  Incorporating all the little things will make you better and bring you closer to your goals. In fact you will soo find that good habits are as addictive as bad ones, even more so when you see the benefits that have on your body and how much better they make you feel. 

It is a slow process, but quitting wont speed it up.   Take care of your body, enjoy your life and book your massage today!