What you are doing today is creating your future


The words you speak, the thoughts you think, the food you eat and the actions you take are shaping you for who you are tomorrow. 

Life moves so quickly. Your days become weeks, then months and before you know it another year has passed.  I feel the passing of time so much more, since becoming a mother. 

Most of us get pulled in many directions daily, it is often hard to find time to do all the things we wish to achieve. I have found the key is to make sure you check in with your values and your priorities. Decide what matters most to you.  Then create little daily rituals that are help you create steps towards those goals. 

An example I like to use with my clients is to build stretching into your daily life.  Often clients tell me that they don't stretch and they don't have time for it. It really is important to stretch and to do it regularly and consistently.   For a client suffering from tight quads, I suggest doing the "Toothbrush Stretch".  Do the simple quad stretch daily why brushing your teeth.  30-seconds to 1 minute on each leg, morning and night when you brush your teeth.  Simple, effective and easy to make part of your day.


Top athletes know that practice is how you get to greatness. So if you want to live pain free and healthier, you need to create daily rituals that support the health and well being of your body.  Incorporating all the little things will make you better and bring you closer to your goals. In fact you will soo find that good habits are as addictive as bad ones, even more so when you see the benefits that have on your body and how much better they make you feel. 

It is a slow process, but quitting wont speed it up.   Take care of your body, enjoy your life and book your massage today!