Forward Head Posture

In today's society it is extremely common to find a forward head posture. That is when viewed from the side, the ear hole should be on the coronal plane, directly over the centre of the head of the humerus (essentially the centre of the shoulder). 

As you can see from the diagram below, a forward head posture can also cause mid-back and low back problems as well as our commonly seen shoulder pain.


This is often caused by spending lots of time with our hands in front of us, as most do when working (typing at a computer, driving) or even in our leisure time (texting on the phone). Whether you are a auto mechanic, hairdresser, attorney, truck driver, even a pianist, your body instinctively tightens the muscles at the base of your base of the neck and at the top of the shoulders. Not only do these posterior muscles get tight and painful, but they frequently form trigger points which refer pain into the forehead, eyes, ears, jaw and neck. So is it any wonder why headaches are so common. 


What to Stretch

We advise you to stretch the muscles that move your head anteriorly and inferiorly, otherwsie known as your neck flexors as well as the muscles that tilt the head backward (posterior neck muscles). 

What to Stregthen

Begin by working on the muscles that move the head posteriorly and superiorly