I spent months looking into alternative methods for the use of towels in the Massage Studio. The environmental impact of using and laundering the cotton towels has been something I have been passionate about changing for a while now. I am so excited to say  found a product that we use in our massage studio. Arrows use 100% eco disposable towels in our studio.

By eliminating the need for laundry, the new Arrows eco towels ends the huge waste of water and energy needed to wash and dry hundreds of cotton towels week in, week out and stops vast quantities of detergents, bleaches and cleaning chemicals being washed down the drain and into the environment.

Cotton is also the most heavily polluting crop in the world, using tons of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, demanding constant artificial irrigation and stripping soils of nutrients. By using our new eco disposable towels, we will be helping prevent these eco-disastrous practices.

The Arrows eco towels are made from certified renewable sources of wood fibre – usually spruce or pine. The trees are grown in regenerated forests that are constantly renewed so forests continue to exist. The towels are decomposed by naturally occurring micro-organisms into CO2 and water. They break down completely in compost conditions within 12 weeks and are super soft to touch!

Production for the eco towel is developed in factories that meet world environment standards. The factory uses solar power and recycled water in all its production. We are proud they meet certification standards of both GMPC and ISO 14001 for manufacture in an eco-friendly way.

At Arrows I go one step further and after I have used the eco towel for clients treatment, I pass on our towels to other businesses in our community. I love to see them get as much use as possible before they break down completely and at Arrows I work to ensure my business can minimise my environmental footprint as much as possible. Some of the local businesses using the eco-towels include; florists, vets, animal shelters and cleaning businesses. If you are interested in the towels, I would be happy to chat with you.