Our Senior Therapist, Justine Arrow is also a BLACKROLL® Certified Trainer specialising in fascial release training and exercise programs. 

BLACKROLL® is not just about massaging muscles. It enhances the health of our fascia by rolling the fascia (SMR) and with movement exercises to strengthen and balance muscles and joints (Functional Training). Both these activities encourage a healthier fascia that is smoother, more flexible, stronger, bouncier, hydrated and well supplied with essential nutrients.

BLACKROLL® fascia training allows you to work on both mobility & strength. The two main components are:

  • Self-Myofascial Release (SMR): for increased mobility, flexibility, muscle recovery, injury prevention and treatment

  • Functional Training: for improved core, pelvic and shoulder girdle strength, coordination and balance

Justine can offer you a 1:1 fascial release training class, small private group classes or something for your sporting team or even your workplace.  Contact us for more information regarding this training.